Lovely clear blue skies, the rains have finished. The lake is full and temperatures are around 30 degrees.

June - August:
Our coolest season. We have a prevailing wind that blows through for a few days at a time keeping temperatures down to 20-25 degrees in the day and as low as 16 at night. The mornings tend to be calm and then by midday the wind picks up occasionally producing a swell not much different from the sea.


September - December:
It slowly warms up to up to about 37 degrees, the water reaching 20+ degrees. Clear blue skies during the day and starry nights abound.


December - April:
Our rainy season although it doesn't tend to rain much during the days. The rain normally starts around 9 at night and stops by 5 in the morning, no guarantees though. The temperature is cooler than November as the evening showers cool down the land. Temperatures during the day reach about 30 degrees with medium humidity.